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This is the fitness site dedicated to building your body to become better than your best. The workout programs are hectic and finishing them are close to impossible on the first try, but remember. There's no such thing as failure, only delayed success. If you cannot finish the routines on the first round then keep going until you perfect them. Check out the fitness comic books for  a storybook view of my workout routines and check out my streetball series "The Bandit Project". Subscribe to my blog Get Inspired to read my fitness stories and motivational writings to get you mentally prepared for your next workout. Visit the Team Faster Stronger Wiser page and see our progress as we take on the best obstacle course races in California. 

Training Mask 2.0

Episode 1 of "The Bandit Project" is here!!!! Subscribe to Faster Stronger Wiser on YouTube for updates on every episode. This will be a show you wont want to miss.

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By helping Faster Stronger Wiser achieve the goal of 5,000 subscribers, FSW will become an official YouTube partner! This will allow Faster Stronger Wiser access to more media equipment, and have the platform to bring all of the FSW workout programs to the whole world. After Faster Stronger Wiser reaches 5,000 subscribers I (Glenn Payne) will release a 5 day "how to" video series of all the Faster Stronger Wiser Workout Programs. The series will have detailed instructions on how to do the routine plus three different variations of each routine to use. Every one who tunes in will also be able to receive a free copy of the program after viewing all of the episodes. All it takes is a second to subscribe.
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Faster Stronger Wiser Workout Programs
5 of the best workout routines that are proven to work. These routines are straight from my personal training files and they have been used to get my clients in shape in 3 weeks or less. They range from intense pull up routines (my specialty) to body weight exercise that build strength, flexibility and endurance.
team fsw flexing at the warrior dash

Check out Team Faster Stronger Wiser as we take on the best obstacle course races and mud runs in California. We are training to be the best race team in obstacle course racing. See how we train, watch our videos, and get updates on all our races.
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Hollywood Starz
Basketball entertainment at its finest. Faster Stronger Wiser Training is partnered with Hollywood Starz to show the hard work off the court that leads to the extraordinary performances on the court.
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The Bandit Project

Follow my journey through the streetball world as I strive to make my mark on basketball using physical fitness as my weapon.

Glenn Payne, Certified Personal Trainer
Train with me personally at 24 HR Fitness Hollywood, CA
Soon to be the best obstacle course race team in California