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Faster Stronger Wiser Training is the combination of mental, physical and spiritual fitness.The workout programs and videos will change the way you approach your exercise regimen, and the motivational notes in the Get Inspired blog will put you in a mind set to push yourself past your limits. Follow my obstacle course race team "Team FSW" as we take on the grueling Reebok Spartan Races.

Faster Stronger Wiser Workout Programs

All Faster Stronger Wiser Workout Programs are available on Amazon. Amazon Prime users can read the ebooks on your Kindle for free. Printed copies include the 4 week layouts for you to track your progress.
Full videos will be available soon!


Faster Stronger Wiser has partnered with Real U Fit to add nutritional support to your workout. Receive custom monthly meal plans to assist you in your workouts. To get the most out of the Faster Stronger Wiser routines nutrition has to be a factor. Use the promo code on the left to sign up for free. For more information click the button below.


Looking for a new workout? Check out the Faster Stronger Wiser Workout of the Week to add a new spin to your workout. I showcase some of my personal workouts that I use to get in shape plus there will be some weeks where I will shake things up a bit. Every week includes a downloadable ebook and video for you to save on your mobile device or computer.


Check out Team Faster Stronger Wiser as we take on the best obstacle course races and mud runs in California. We are training to be the best race team in obstacle course racing. See how we train, watch our videos, and get updates on all our races.